Mom Writes Open Letter To Sales Clerk Who Body Shamed Her Teenage Daughter

Jan 26, 2016 at 8:55 pm |

In this Kardashian obsessed world, it’s hard for us to teach our teenagers that they need to be happy with themselves and love their bodies. Heck it’s hard for us to tell ourselves to be happy and love our bodies, so that makes it even harder to spread that message to our daughters, but I think the most of do a good job. Megan Naramore Harris had taken her teenage daughter Lexi shopping for a dress for an upcoming school formal when she encountered a salesperson that told her daughter that her body wasn’t good enough by telling her she needed to wear SPANX. In a post that Megan wrote on her Facebook page, she shared the picture of Lexi (who looks amazing) and described what happened when the saleswoman told her teenager that her body wasn’t good enough for this dress.

Dear sales lady at Dillard’s Towne East Mall, This is my teenage daughter who wanted to try on dresses for an upcoming…

Posted by Megan Naramore Harris on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Megan and Lexi went to their local Dillards store to look for dresses when Megan spotted a floor length sleeveless red gown with a slit up the leg. Lexi didn’t like the dress, but like a good daughter she humoured her mother and tried it on and let her mom take a picture (that’s a good daughter right there). Of course it was that moment that a saleslady came in and promptly told Lexi, the teenager, that if she wanted to wear that dress she’d have to wear SPANX with it.

Outraged by comment, Megan immediately told the saleswoman that her daughter was just fine without SPANX even though the saleswoman continued to argue with her and they left the store soon after.

One mom penned an open letter to the sales lady who told her teenage daughter that she’d need to wear SPANX.