Moms, Rediscover Your Identity!

By: Jamie Yasko-Mangum

You may ask yourself “Where is that once confident and sassy looking self?” It is not unusual to feel this way once becoming a mom.  Too many times moms forget their identity and self-worth, thinking of everyone else in their family and not themselves.  It is time to rediscover your identity that gives you self-worth because YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Why? You are as important as a CEO of a multi million/billion dollar company.  Give yourself personal attention!!

Your identity should project your confidence, character and style! Confidence and character come from your inner image. Confidence makes you self-assured, positive and creates poise. Character will emit your personality, individuality and spirit. Style projects your confident outer image. It broadcasts your unique, modish and distinctive self.

One identity area moms have some difficulty in attaining is their once stylish self. The juggling of kids, work, family life and hopefully some exciting self time can leave moms feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I am sure your style is not one of your top five “to do’s”; however personal attention needs to be and that encompasses your style, Head to Toe, Inside and Out™.

How you do rediscover your style? First set your alarm clock so you get up in plenty of time to get yourself ready first before the kids wake up. When I say “plenty of time” I mean what it takes you to shower, style your hair, apply makeup, dress in clothes that are appropriate for your day. You may think this is unreasonable but it is not; it is needed. Why? When you feel good about the way you look it puts a spring in your step so why not put that spring at the beginning of your day and watch yourself not only feel excellent throughout your day but also have a very productive day. At first it may be hard to get up earlier but as with any new challenge, practice makes it attainable and becomes a positive routine.

Now that you know how to start your day let’s take a closer look at your outer image. Moms sometimes find it easier to ponytail their hair or wear a baseball hat or visor while this look can be flirty on occasion it is not flirty for everyday. You need a hairstyle that compliments your skin color and fits your lifestyle. An excellent resource is your hair professional; experienced hair professionals will ask what fits your lifestyle and recommend hair colors and styles that you can recreate at home. Once you have a hairstyle you love you will need routine upkeep so make those hair appointments.

Next, you need to apply makeup. You may be saying, “makeup who has time to put on make up?” You need to make time. Some moms wear hints of makeup while others apply a complete face both ways are absolutely fine but which ever you choose make sure you apply it. The makeup completes the finishing of your face and hairstyle. When choosing and applying your makeup make sure it compliments and brings vibrancy to your face and is not too much. You also want to shape your eyebrows and remove any unwanted face hair.

Finally wear lifestyle appropriate clothes that express your uniqueness! You deserve a fashionable sense (not always sweats) that is age appropriate (not your daughter’s or mother’s) and functional. This means dapple in classy, sassy, sporty and sexy that provides comfort and function (stretch). Select clothes that compliment your silhouette and are not too tight that show rolls, too low that your bust falls out and too short that bending over shows way too much. Your clothes should give the illusion of an hourglass figure. You want your closet wardrobe to have color, different styles of solids and patterns, and a variety of fabrics (stay away from owning tons of casual cotton). As with any outfit you want to finish it off with accessories from earrings to shoes. Select the accessories that compliment your outfit and make you look DYNAMIC. Your clothing wardrobe can be built on your budget, watch for sales on quality clothes and always mix and match your clothes!

I understand how moms feel as though they do not deserved self-attention but the undeserved self needs to be changed to the deserved self. Why? You deserve it and if you do not take care of yourself who is going to take care of your kids! Being a mom is hard work but it doesn’t mean you have to look and feel warn out all the time. Add Personal Attention To Self to your top five to do list; this does not only mean your outer image but also your inner image. YOU AS A MOM HAVE AN IDENTITY AND YOURS IS VERY IMPORTANT – LOOK AND FEEL THAT WAY!

Jamie Yasko-Mangum is a certified image consultant and president of Successful Style & Image, Inc. a personal, corporate and academia image building company. Jamie is a well-known speaker locally and nationally in her comprehensive expertise on self-image, corporate and academia professionalism. She is a published writer and soon to be published book author. Her first book “Look, Speak & Behave®” will be published in spring of 2007. You can reach her at (407) 478-6800.Successful Style Image


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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