More babies are being born with organs outside their bodies, and experts have no idea why

CDC researchers say there's an increase in the birth defect gastroschisis, which can cause the intestines to poke through a newborn's abdomen.

CDC researchers say there’s an increase in the birth defect gastroschisis, which can cause the intestines to poke through a newborn’s abdomen.

There has been an large increase in a birth defect called gastroschisis, according to a scary new CDC report.  They explain that it is when a newborn’s intestines, and sometimes liver and stomach, poking through the baby’s abdomen. What is even scarier: No one knows exactly what’s causing the condition to happen more frequently.



I have to tell you that my daughter was born with a scar on her belly. She is 7 years old and at the time the Dr’s kind of freaked me out ( for lack of a better description). Later her pediatrician did scans but said not to worry because it was above the belly where there were no organs to be concerned about. We have absolutely no idea how it happened, but the scar is there and not going away.


So, here is what we do know: The CDC tracked data in 14 states and researchers noted that incidences of gastroschisis doubled from 1995 to 2005, and continue to grow. The defect is increasing in moms of all races but have noted that non-Hispanic black women under 21 years of age,  has increased  263 percent. They say that each year, about 1,871 babies are born with gastroschisis.

“It concerns us that we don’t know why more babies are being born with this serious birth defect, Public health research is urgently needed to figure out the cause and why certain women are at higher risk of having a baby born with gastroschisis.” Says Coleen Boyle from the Centers for Disease Control.


What to do When a Baby Has a Birth Defect

In fact, doctors and scientists aren’t even sure if the defect is due to genetics, exposure to something during pregnancy, or a combination of those two factors. The factors they have identified that can raise a woman’s risk are drinking and/or smoking during pregnancy, and getting pregnant very young.


Although the child may experience long-term challenges such as trouble absorbing nutrients, digestive issues, and a higher risk of complications and even death, Gastroschisis can be fixed through surgery once a baby is born,

sex after baby

While this report is alarming and scary to the unknown, it is always important to know that while pregnant ~  stay away from alcohol and cigarettes and be sure to seek a full prenatal care term.



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