Mother Of Three Claims She’s A Better Parent Stoned

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Author and parenting blogger Lea Grover writes a powerful piece in Cosmopolitan magazine that basically says she is not a pothead, but it helps the anxiety brought on by 3 kids, 2 of which are twins and it helps to ease the stress. As parents we all pick and choose those times we have a drink, take a sleeping pill, even take anxiety medication ( that may have side effects). Is is wrong to smoke marijuana when you are the only parent home? Is it wrong any time you’re around the children? What happens when they go to sleep?

Grover wrote in Cosmo that she is able to have a bit more fun with her daughters — 5-year-old twins and a 3-year-old — after smoking pot, too. “I say yes to more requests for childhood fun. To baking cookies, craft projects, trips to the park, board games, fashion shows … any of the things that under normal circumstances make my shoulders tense up as I contemplate inevitable messes and tantrums,” she writes. “When I’m a little stoned, there are no fights. My catch phrase goes from ‘Thirty-second timeout for everyone’ to ‘Let’s all take a deep breath and count to four.’”

In her piece, Grover states that she doesn’t drive her children anywhere when stoned, she doesn’t smoke in front of her kids, and she avoids “relying on marijuana.” She says she plans to never smoke with her children, even when they are much older.

Pot is known to be an effective treatment for anxiety. I, like countless other people who find themselves in the role of caregivers for miniature versions of themselves, get stressed out by my kids. Genuine, honest-to-God, parenthood-induced anxiety is a real thing. In my case, marijuana is my anti-anxiety drug of choice. It doesn’t knock me out the way Xanax did. It doesn’t have weird side effects or cause addiction. It’s just something I can turn to on a really hard day. When my kids are bickering for the 15th time in as many minutes, I can disappear for 30 seconds, come back a bit high, and mediate calmly — with a smile, no less.

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