WIN IT! Multi-tasking Celeb Parents love Storksak


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THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED THE WINNER IS COURTNEY LEBLANC WIN IT! With a focus on function, a commitment to quality and a steadfast style – loved by women AND men in Hollywood – British brand Storksak is the premier (baby) bag brand for fashion-conscious parents!
Enter to win one of these stylish bags, “and tell us what “baby essential” you always tote around in your purse! “Like this post and Like us on FB! Contest Ends July 18th @11:00 PM PST.



Designed for multi-tasking moms and dads, the unisex messenger bags, stylish satchels and hip hobos are equipped with practical parenting features.  Storksak devotees including Angelina Jolie, Rachel Griffiths, Ashley Simpson-Wentz, Brad Pitt, Pete Wentz, Melissa Rycroft, Ellen Pompeo, Tiffani Thiessen, Christina Milian, Jools Oliver, Gretchen Mol, Cam Gigandet, Toni Collette, Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane, Jordyn & Dave Grohl and more!


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64 thoughts on “WIN IT! Multi-tasking Celeb Parents love Storksak”

  1. there is not just one baby essential that I carry in my purse, I carry EVERYTHING! With two babies I need alot. Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, first aid, change of clothes, bibs, baby food and snacks. I get a small pocket for my stuff, keys and money. I’d be lucky if I could fit a lipstick in there.

  2. I carry very little in my tinnie purse just ment for me. BUT in the bag that gets carted around contains sooo many items! A changeof clothes for each kid, diapers in the right size, a HUGE amount of wipes. Toys, snacks, glasses wipes, mini first aid kid. And sometimes on the ocassion some type of teething aid!

  3. Besides the essentials – diapers and wipes, I carry Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! That stuff is awesome.

  4. My baby won’t be here until Sept; but I used to be a nanny and I still have a pacifier in my purse. I moved away from the family I was nanny for in Aug 2010 and I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

  5. Diapers, lots of wipes, change of clothing,, nukes, juice, wallet, and lip gloss!!

  6. My baby essentials include diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and sunscreen (because you just never know when you might decide to stop at the park, etc)!

  7. Currently Sophie the Giraffe is traveling in the bag….she is definitly a MUST have! ♥

  8. When I am running quick errands I always throw a diaper, wipes and juice bottle in my purse. I would LOVE to win this bag. It’s so cute and fits my mom style

  9. 1. I am pregnant with my first, so I don’t have the baby purse all set up, but I imagine the “baby essential” I’ll be toting will be changing necessities – diapers and wipes.
    2. I “Liked” this post (Laura Love)
    3. I “Like” Hollywood Hot Moms on FB (Laura Love)

  10. O my goodness, it would have to be diapers and wipes. of course, I carry lots of things around, sometimes I even catch myself with a pacifier between my teeth…lol

  11. Besides diapers and wipes, I always make sure I have a change of clothes for baby. You never know when one of those diapers will explode! I liked on Facebook (Jason Rubio). Thank you!

  12. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, and a toy, maybe a blanket if its gonna be raining.


  13. I would love to win this for my sister in law. She and my brother are expecting their first child in December.
    I like you on Facebook

  14. Our diaper bag essential is a new snack or toy that only gets eaten or taken on outings. The usual snacks and toys don’t hold attention as long when I need them to.

  15. We always carry wipes, pull-ups, extra set of clothing, and snacks for our 2 yr toddler.

  16. I ALWAYS carry a diaper and a small pack of wipes in my purse! (even if my little one is not with me…) – You never know!!

  17. There are so many baby essentials to carry, but among the other popular ones, we like to carry Kolik drops and baby’s soother at all times.

  18. I Cloth Diaper so I always have my wet bag and lotion, we have a baby with very dry skin, poor baby!

  19. I am definitely a multi-tasking mommy and need this bag! My necessity item is diapers – don’t ever be caught out without them!!

  20. In my Storksak I would carry my baby, Easton’s, soother, which he can’t live without.

  21. I always carry around Baby Wipes and Diapers. Liked this post and I like Hollywood Hot Moms on facebook.

  22. I can never leave the house without diapers and wipes as well as a change of clothes, sunscreen etc. Of course there are the mommy essentials as well- a lot of stuff for one bag to hold!

  23. I always have diapers, wipes, and a small snack in my purse or diaper bag. depending upon where we are going there could always be three pairs of sunglasses too!

  24. Diapers, wipes, a bottle, formula, a bib, and anything else I can… like my wallet, keys, lipgloss, phone, etc…. I pack to capacity because I’m always, always forgetting something. I have new-mom brain!

  25. Diapers, wipes, a few toys, sippy cup and snacks. Can’t leave home without any of them!

  26. I just have an emergency go to box in the car with Diapers, Wipes, a change of clothes for the baby and a shirt for me, and in my purse I carry Bribes, lol, paper, pen, stickers, fruit snacks, etc. Anything I need to be able to make it through my to do list and still have happy children at the end. It also helps to let them take their nap first and then go as soon as are fed after they wake up. OH and also, if I’m at a store that has paint samples somewhere I go there first, collect the colors of the rainbow and hand them to my little one so they will have a game that they can play while we shop, and they learn their colors and if I loose the piece to it I could care less!

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