Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends!

Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends!

By Aly Walansky

Must have fall fashion trends! Summer’s gone and cooler weather may just be here to stay — and for us, the name of the game is layering! Transitioning between the seasons can be super difficult — especially if your wardrobe doesn’t allow constantly switching into new clothes.

It’s always good to keep a few fabulous pieces from the summer and wear them into the fall in new and exciting ways — this may mean mixing them with deeper, richer colors like wines and burgundy or darker grays and blues.

And with the right staple pieces, the transition from summer to fall style can be easy — just include these must-have fall fashion trends in your wardrobe:

Layer, but be neat and polished

The center of my fall (and year-round) wardrobe is a great pair of dark jeans. There’s nothing more versatile than dark denim, and it can look great with your summer sandals and your new fall boots.

As the weather begins to change, consider these jeans with everything from your favorite white t-shirt to a great long black cardigan.

Show some shade

…as in color! The weather may be getting dreary, but you don’t have to! Bold autumn colors are a great way to spice up any day — add a fun blazer or boots with tights, and your summer sundress takes on a whole new dimension.

Stay on your budget

Try to avoid focusing on expensive new wardrobe pieces — unless you have cash to burn! Instead, pick up some fun accessories that reflect the season without blowing your budget — scarves, fall clutches and purses, chunky necklaces, and bold watches.

Awesome boots

Is there anything sexier than over-the-knee boots? Make boots the top of your fall shopping agenda: The higher, the better!

Leather jacket

You may be able to transition your summer sunnies to fall, but a great structured leather jacket
can really usher in the season with style. Extra credit for a find involving

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