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By: Patricia Walters-Fischer

women and babyNancy Travis Interview! Ever since we first saw her her smiling face in the blockbuster hit, “Three Men and a Baby”, actress Nancy Travis has been a staple on the big (and small) screen. This June, she returns to television in The Bill Engvall Show as Susan Pearson, a down to Earth former ER nurse who is now a stay-at-home mom. This family friendly comedy features Bill Engvall (Blue Collar Comedy Tour) and Nancy as the loving couple, Bill and Susan, as they navigate their way into their forties with three kids and a dog. It’s truly something the family can watch together because the parents actually love and respect each other, the kids like (but don’t always listen to) their parents, and his friends, played by Tim Meadows (Saturday Night Live, The Ladies’ Man) and Steve Hytner (Seinfeld), are likeable. I got the opportunity to speak with Nancy about her dual role as mother on the set and mother at home. I like that your character, Susan, is a strong one without being biting or harsh. She’s a woman, who had a career but is now a stay-at-home mom and is happy to do it. She’s not career driven and she’s comfortable with that. I liked that about her. Susan also has this great calmness about her—do you think that is because of her being a former ER nurse? She has to hold down her end of it (family). This character, it’s hard to break the stereotypes of a parent staying home and one working, but hey, that’s the reality of it. Someone needs to be there for the kids and her character is glad to be there for her family. It’s a little old fashion, but she loves it.   The chemistry between you and Bill is great. I love the fact you’re playing adults who are adults, but have so much more fun and laughter in them without being ridiculous. The important thing that is being shown here is that these two people are still very much in love and still enjoy being with each other. You know, if you spend all your time on your careers or the kids and you don’t nourish that relationship that first brought you together, you can lose it. You’re a mom of two boys. How important was it for you to be involved in a family friendly project? There were three things that drew me to this project. First, it was in LA. I needed to be in LA because of my children. Second, I met Bill (Engvall) and was very charmed by him. I truly love working with him because he is a generally nice person. Third, this show is where not a lot of family shows are now and it carries over onto the set. They are great about flexibility, so if I need to go do something with my children, I can. They work around it and it’s great. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about motherhood that the books didn’t cover? Personally, I didn’t realize how much my kids would need me. Listen, I was the most ambitious actress. I was going to drag my kids from place to place after they were born and I wasn’t going to slow down, but then I had them and realized how much I needed to be there. And I see that as they are getting older, they seem to need me more emotionally. You were raised Catholic, but you’re raising your sons Jewish (her husband, Robert, is Jewish), how do you combine the religions? We combine the holidays, but have Christmas at my mother’s house. We have Passover, Chanukah, and light the menorah. I’m teaching Jesus to our boys, but more as a historical figure versus a spiritual one, but God is in both religions and it needs to mean something when we are talking about it. The big thing here is that I want to raise a person of character. As for me, I think I’m more of a spiritualist instead of any specific religion What is the best/worst advice you got about being a mother? My mother told me “be a good mom” and “be there for your kids”. She said to have a relationship with them as well. She also said, “never fight in front of the kids”. What does it mean to be a Hot Mom? I think a Hot Mom is a happy mom; happy with herself, her life, and one that brings joy to her family.   The Bill Engvall Show starts its second season on TBS, June 12. For more information and to watch full episodes on line, go to tbs


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