Natural Ways to Scent Your Home

Natural Ways to Scent Your Home

By Shirley Velásquez

Natural ways to scent your home. What’s the first thing we notice when we walk through the front door? The way our home smells. In fact, a room’s aroma can trigger a wind of happy memories, such as waking up to Mami’s morning brew. That’s why infusing the home with pleasing scents can help add a jolt of happiness to the day. In addition to air fresheners and odor eliminators, try these grandma-approved tips for a clean-smelling home and enhanced health.

Baking Soda
This multipurpose natural odor absorber works wonders. Whether it’s in the refrigerator or in the corner of a musty closet, a fresh box can neutralize any funky smell. Instead of carpet cleaners, use baking soda on your rugs, carpet, upholstery or any household item that retains dank odors.

Believe it or not, this natural deodorizer can remove the smell of skunk on a dog. Imagine what it will do to a pet’s home accidents. Leaving a bowl of vinegar overnight in any room in the house will kill offensive smells. And using it on windows, furniture, appliances will contribute to a general clean aroma.

Few natural ingredients boost the olfactory system as a lemon can. In the fridge, all it takes is half a lemon to zap the stench in the fridge. And by cutting two lemons in half, you can cleanse the smell of any room, including those with cat litter boxes.

When it comes to aromatizing a space, these dried and unopened flower buds are yesteryear’s best-kept secret. Using an old pan you hardly cook in, throw in whole cloves to a few cups of water. Bring the contents to a boil before reducing the heat to a simmer. You can also add lemon, orange and apple peels for a spicy tang.

Essential Oils
Extracted from aromatic plants, these oils are known to diffuse therapeutic properties into the air. To calm nerves, try a lavender-scented air freshener or add a few drops of lavender oil to just-boiled water.

Shirley Velásquez

is an
editor and writer at
ELLE magazine.
She has contributed to Woman’s Day, Glamour,
InStyle, Latina, The New York Sun, and Border-line Personalities, an anthology of essays
written by Latina writers. She is a frequent contributor to
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