New Study Proves That Giving Birth Is Harder On Your Body Than Running A Full Marathon


Women who go through childbirth know just how physically demanding it is on our bodies, but now there’s a new study out that proves just how traumatic labor and delivery can be.

According to a new study conducted by the University of Michigan, childbirth is ‘the most traumatic event the human body can undergo.‘ So ladies the next time your husband complains about having to shovel the driveway or mow the lawn,  just keep this study handy.

The study even states that up to 15% of women experience pelvic injuries that don’t heal after they give birth. Researchers feel that many women should be given MRI’s after delivery to determine if there are injuries to the pelvic floor suffered during childbirth, and the extent of those injuries.

“If an athlete sustained a similar injury in the field, she’d be in an MRI machine in an instant,” said Janis Miller, associate professor at the U-M School of Nursing. “We have this thing where we tell women, ‘Well, you’re six weeks postpartum and now we don’t need to see you—you’ll be fine.’ But not all women feel fine after six weeks nor are ready to go back to work, and they aren’t crazy.”

“Women with pelvic injuries often feel like something isn’t right, but they don’t understand why and can’t get answers from physicians,” Miller said. “A woman may have bladder problems, and in some cases prolapse of organs if the pelvic muscles are not functioning well enough to hold them in place.”

What Miller is saying with this study is that all women shouldn’t be treated the same during their post partum care, because for some, their pelvic injuries are more similar to sports related injuries and can’t be fixed by simply doing Kegels.

“We’re not saying that every woman who gives birth needs an MRI nor that women should not do Kegel exercises. A key point is that if a woman is sensing that she has delayed recovery or unusual symptoms of discomfort or feels she just can’t Kegel anymore, she should see a specialist.”

I think it would be amazing if more women who were post partum were treated as though they had an ‘injury’ as opposed to just recovering from childbirth. Having a baby is traumatic on your body and I think many injuries go undiagnosed, and many women feel it’s just part of their new post partum body. What do you think about this Hot Moms?


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