No, Co-Sleeping With Your Kids Should Not Ruin Your Sex Life

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As any parent will tell you, having kids and raising a family will permanently change the way you do things in your life. You find yourself revolving around their little planets, rather than the other way around. One of the biggest issues for couples with children is the “co-sleep or not to co-sleep” debate and how it might potentially put a big damper on your post-baby sex life.

But for Scary Mommy blogger Chas Smith, he says it shouldn’t be that way. In fact, he says that co-sleeping with his kids has been a true blessing because it has forced him and his wife to get out of bed and seek other alternatives when it comes to getting intimate with each other. Here’s what he writes:

The least sexy place in the entire world, you see, is the bed of a couple who has been at it long enough to have a baby. I have never seen one that has not been turned into some degenerative couch. Salt and vinegar chips and the memory of last night’s episode of The Good Wife, hide in its folds. The pillows are touched with all manner of human detritus. Even when freshly laundered, its sheets carry the whiff of a settled, domesticated life. It is the least sexy place to have sex.

Yet men are lazy, fathers even lazier, too often settling for the monotony of uncreative love due to a variety of factors including exhaustion, exhaustion and exhaustion. The co-sleeping baby successfully removes this degradation and forces the father to use his imagination, even though he is exhausted. Most houses have showers. Sexy. They also have laundry rooms, kitchens, closets, unused baby rooms. All sexy when played well. Airplanes have bathrooms, cars have backseats, neighbors have unlocked backdoors—you get the idea.

LOL, I would definitely have to agree! Hey, if you want it bad enough, there are ways to work around the kids and everyone’s schedules. That’s the beauty of having kids: they force you to be fun and creative. Anyone who tells you differently is lying, ha!

Tell us Hot Moms, what do you think? Has co-sleeping with your children ruined your sex life or have things gotten better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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