Olivia Wilde Is Being Labeled A “Bad Parent” For Sharing A Naked Photo Of Her Son On Instagram

Personally, I’m not that type of person who likes to overshare photos of my family on social media. It’s not that I just don’t trust strangers, but I also don’t want photos of my children floating around the Internet, especially if they might potentially embarrass them once they’re older. It might be cute now, but could you imagine seeing your naked baby pics made public from some thirty years ago? I mean, there are some things worth sharing and some things that are just meant to stay in our personal archives.

But not everyone shares this same view (of course), and there are some parents, celebrities and bloggers out there who have no qualms when it comes to baring their children’s tiny little tushes for the world to see. And that’s exactly what actress Olivia Wilde did when she shared this photo of her son on her Instagram account this week:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.12.14 PM

 A lot of the comments she received sounded like this:

“this world we live in is f**** up as it is, because of monsters and sickos we can’t share innocence and beauty of life, change and growth in our kiddos with our family and friends, in your case your fans.”

“Why post nude pics of your child? So many psychos out there!”

“more people will ‘like’ that than you wish. Your naked child is nothing you upload in the world wide web where it stays forever.”

“Can’t believe people are getting mad over this. It’s a babies butt, they’re literally the most innocent things ever! The only people that would get offended by this are the ones who sexualize children. Grow up.”

“Well this is adorable!!! What a cutie!!!”

Honestly, I can understand all of the concern because when it comes to the Internet, you never really know who is lurking at your profile. As horrible as this may sound, but there are psychologically deranged people out there and it’s my job as a parent to make sure my children and their images are safe all the time and no matter what.

Tell us Hot Moms, what do you think? Should Olivie Wilde have posted this photo of her son on Instagram for the world to see? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

Source via Olivia Wilde/Instagram


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