Parents Change Ray Rice jersey to read ‘Be Nice To Girls’

Parents Change Ray Rice jersey to read ‘Be Nice To Girls’

The Baltimore Ravens cut running back Ray Rice from the team because he punched his wife in the face on an elevator and knocked her unconscious….. But the football season continues and  the wearing, or not wearing, of Rice’s jersey as become a hot topic! Please Tell us below what you think!!! 

Some have thrown them in the trash, according to the Baltimore Business Journal. Others have even set their jerseys on fire.

Bryan and Angie Bartlett wanted to take a different route with their 6-year-old daughter Brynn’s jersey.  Bryan explained to ABC, “I had this idea. It was a little bit more positive.” His idea was simple: why not change “Rice” to “Nice” So,  it now reads, “Be Nice to Girls.”



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