Photographer Shares A Husbands Shocking Reaction To His Wife’s Boudoir Photos

Oct 20, 2015 at 1:41 pm |

Victoria Haltom is a photographer from San Antonio Texas, who shared a story that many of us might find a bit surprising.

Victoria talked about a woman that she did a boudoir shoot for, and how that woman who Victoria described as a ‘curvy, beautiful size 18’ asked for her pictures to be photoshopped.

Like most of us women, we can find a flaw in ourselves within seconds of looking in a mirror. I mean, we’re inundated daily with images of perfect women with no cellulite or wrinkles or love handles that of course we’d want to create the ‘perfect us’ if we could.



After Seeing His Wife In Sexy Photoshopped Photos, A Husband Said He Missed Her “Flaws” ~ What do you think?