Play Up Your Eyes with a Pop of Color

Whether your eyes are sultry brown, sparkling blue, bewitching green or any color in between, there are several ways to make them look their radiant best. We’ll walk you through five key tips for showing off your gorgeous eyes and learn how to play Up Your Eyes with a Pop of Color

1. Eyeshadow: Complementary colors are really crucial to making your eyes’ hue stand out. And here’s the good news: You don’t need to be a color wheel expert! Here’s a major point to understand, though: On the color wheel, those hues opposite each other are complementary. Opposite red is green; opposite orange is blue, and so on. Complementary colors will provide the most striking results for your eye makeup. If you have blue eyes, use oranges, pinks and gold or yellow shades. Green-eyed gals should opt for pinks, purples and oranges. And if your eyes are brown, good news: Your color is the most versatile of all! *Note: Shimmery shades that reflect light will show off your eye color more than matte shadows.


2. Eyeliner: When it comes to liner, carbon black works for everyone. But if you’re seeking to play up your peepers with regard to eye color specifically, some choices are more flattering than others. Brown eyes are brightened by teal and dark green. Blue eyes pop with a touch of copper. And green eyes look stunning with purple or plum liners. If your eyes are hazel, try bronze to bring out the golden side. If they’re grey, navy will make them look silver. And if you have amber eyes, gold will lend a sparkling effect.

3. Curling: Giving your lashes an extra curl will make your irises more visible and help you look more awake, giving that color a chance to shine. Curl your lashes before mascara – and not after – to avoid removing product. Heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer (just a tad!) before use will make the curl last longer.

4. Mascara: Don’t be stingy with mascara! Applying two, three or even four coats of a deep-black hue will command attention for your eyes. One trick that you may want to try is applying a layer of lengthening mascara, then following it up with another layer of volumizing mascara. Considering using mascara in complementary colors to give your eye color a little extra boost.

5. Faux lashes:For special occasions, consider a pair of falsies that will really open up your eyes to their biggest and brightest. Use full strips in the evening for heightened drama, and apply individual lashes or strip segments during the day. Layering individual false lashes across the upper lash line never fails create a show-stopping appearance!

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