Play (Video Game) Golf Like Tiger Woods…Father’s Day Gift Ideas


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Tee Freek The perfect gift for the golf gaming Dad who wants to play like Tiger Woods.  The game of golf, both virtual and real, is perhaps the ultimate test of precision and accuracy which every man hopes to master. This Father’s Day, help Dad improve his virtual game with KontrolFreek’s premium gaming accessory brand, Tee Freek, a convex thumb grip for PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers which increases a player’s grip, range of motion and precision control. With a little help from Tee Freek, Dad will make straighter drives, sink more putts, and get the ball exactly where he wants it – in the cup. Works great in games like: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf. Price: $9.99

Rcade Freek The perfect gift for the Dad who loves retro arcade gaming
For the Dad that misses the classic arcade experience there’s no better gift this Father’s Day than KontrolFreek’s premium accessory brand, Rcade Freek. Rcade Freek is a high-polished dome that attaches to the analog joystick of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers, adding an inch of height and extending the range of motion. Rcade Freek emulates the experience of an actual arcade controller, and will have Dad avoiding those Pac-Man ghosts like never before. Works great in games like: Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Soucalibur. Price: $9.99

“You Might be a Zombie and Other Bad News” from For the witty Dad who wants to dive into his intellectual comedy
“You Might be a Zombie and Other Bad News” is the perfect gift for any Dad who likes to laugh. This hysterical book proves that history, science and comparative literature can amuse, inform and often shock even the most well-read individuals. Presented by’s expert editorial team, who aren’t afraid to seek, embrace and exploit the most fascinating trivia and unknown information; ‘You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News’ will have Dad gasping, laughing, and rereading the pages in disbelief. Price: $9.99. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders.


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Our philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom, unless you are the best YOU’.

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