Police Officer Buys Gas For Couple In Need When They’re Stranded In The Middle Of The Road

Jan 21, 2016 at 5:41 pm |

Westley White and his wife were driving to a local pawn shop to pawn some of the belongings when they found themselves stranded in the middle of a busy roadway, their car having run out of gas. Ironically enough, Westley and his wife were pawning some items so that they could get the cash to fill up their tank, but didn’t quite make it there.

The couple, who recently lost one of their 3 children and were still grieving, called the police to come and help them move their vehicle since they didn’t know who else to call. Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Scott Dyke was the officer to arrive on the scene, telling TODAY  “They were blocking the road, preventing cars from getting through, which I thought was the biggest problem.”

What happened next didn’t just turn the day around for the White family, but it changed their perception of law enforcement completely. With the White family not being too far from their home when they ran out of gas, the Deputy took them to their home to get a gas can that had enough in it to get them to a local gas station. The family was still determined to get to the pawn shop, and it was then that Deputy Dyke knew he wanted to help more.

How one officer’s act of kindness toward a family in need completely changed their perception of law enforcement