Postnatal Care: We Have A Lot To Learn From Holland

Jan 21, 2016 at 5:53 pm |

After hearing about Holland’s post natal care, I think we all need to move to Holland to have our babies! While I realize that’s a ridiculous statement, Holland’s post natal care practices are certainly something to be envious about.

According to The Huffington Post Canada, Holland takes care of their new mothers by providing them with a home nurse – for the first week that they’re home after having their baby. The nurse, known as a kraamverzorgster, comes to your house every day for a week to help you care for your new baby, and for yourself. This is incredible. The kraamverzorgster’s will come to your house for up to 8 days and 49 hours if you’re breastfeeding, 45 hours if you’re bottle feeding.

But, not only does she help take care of the baby by helping to feed and bathe the new infant as well as check their temperature and make sure they’re healthy, the kraamverzorgster also takes care of mom. She will help do laundy, bring breakfast in bed and even help care for older siblings. Sign me up!

And if you’re wondering how much all this costs, well it’s covered by your health insurance, so aside from a possible minimal cost – it’s covered.




If you give birth in Holland you’re given a baby nurse to help you for the first week after you deliver! Not only does the nurse look help with the baby, but they also ensure that the mom is taken care of as well.