Pregnant Mom With Cancer Who Delayed Treatment For Baby Is Due To Give Birth

pregnant mom fighting cancer battle

I can not even begin to imagine what Heidi Loughlin at the young age of 32 felt like when she discovered she had a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer after becoming pregnant with her third child (Heidi will have 3 children under the age of three)!

Heidi was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer after noticing a rash on her breast while breastfeeding her baby son Tait. Typically  the doctor will give you two to five years to live.

All the Doctors she went to gave her the option of terminating the pregnancy so she could begin aggressive chemotherapy.

But she ultimately decided to keep her baby and begin a less aggressive form of chemotherapy treatment so Tait and her other son Noah, aged two, would not lose their mother.

After her initial treatment failed the doctors recommended that she starts intensive chemotherapy which could save her life but put her unborn baby’s health at risk.

Ms Louglin, who is a police officer then decided that her only chance of survival is to give birth 12 weeks early.

“I had a follow up Oncology appointment last week and we have concluded that the treatment isn’t working to a satisfactory level.

“Now ordinarily we would now switch treatments immediately and thus I’d be having the next stuff along with a miracle drug called Herceptin.

“However, me being me, I don’t like to make things easy for people and we have this little matter of the baby. Babies and Herceptin don’t mix.

“This means the baby will be 12 weeks early. This is absolutely terrifying.

“Also what is terrifying is that if I stay pregnant until New Year’s Eve as originally planned then there’s a pretty good chance I’ve missed my window of potential cure.

“Realistically I’ve got to make a decision that encompasses everyone. I absolutely need to be here for my children.

Heidi Loughlin is pregnant and fighting breast cancerHeidi Loughlin is pregnant and fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. She’s about to give birth to her third child 12 weeks early to give them both the best chance of survival.

Posted by BBC Points West on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

“But I’m scared to my core about a baby born so early. I am also scared that I may not get through this. Mostly I’m scared of doing the wrong thing.”

We wish all the health, happiness and prayers to Heidi who is sharing her cancer battle through her  humorous and very to the point blog Storm In A Tit Cup.


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