The Pros and Cons of Abdominal Workouts

The Pros and Cons of Abdominal Workouts

If you want to flatten your abs and get a great workout you’re in luck. Check out the pros and cons of the top four abdominal workouts.

1.  Kickboxing
Pros: Front kicks, side kicks, and back kicks target the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks.  Kickboxing will also get your heart rate up so you’ll burn a lot of calories and lose body fat for an appearance of a flat abdominal.
Cons: You’ll need to workout  a minimum of 30-45 min. three to four times per week to see results. You might get bored, so be sure to exercise with a friend and use upbeat tempo music or find a fun high energy kickboxing class.

2. Yoga
Pros: Many of the postures found in yoga use the core muscles.  Yoga also lengthens and defines the muscles for a lean long look. In addition you’ll feel more relaxed and at peace after taking a good yoga class.
Cons: The relaxing styles of yoga such as Hatha will not get your heart rate up so you will not notice your abdominals flattening as quickly as if you had taken a Vinyasa or power style yoga. Also you may have challenges finding an instructor you really connect with. Do not give up try a variety of classes and instructors until you find the right match.

3.  Zumba
Pros: Zumba is a really fun dancelike aerobic style class. In this high energy workout you’ll burn a ton of calories and lose weight. In addition many of the movements involve hip rolls which really target the core.
Cons: Most Zumba classes are fast paced so it may take time before you catch on to the movements.  Start off focusing on just the footwork and then add in your arms once you are more comfortable.  Also the teacher makes a big difference. Find an instructor who is high energy and is focused on having fun.

4.  Pilates
Pros: Pilates largest focus is on strengthening and defining the core. Almost all of the movements use muscles of the core. If you practice pilates regularly you will notice a firmer abdominal as well as less back pain.
Cons: Pilates does not get your heart rate up like aerobic exercise found in kickboxing, zumba and certain styles of yoga. Thus you will not burn as many calories and you will not lose body fat as quickly as the other forms of exercises.

Sara Holliday is a licensed marriage family therapist and fitness professional with a passion for helping moms to look good and feel great inside and out. For more great tips visit: .

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