Rainbow Freckles Are A Fun New Beauty Trend, But Would You Try Them?

Jan 29, 2016 at 5:39 pm |

rainbow freckles

We’ve seen a lot of different beauty trends happen in the last few months. Some of them I would totally try, like coffin nails, and pumpkin spice hair, and other trends that I think I’ll leave for the more adventurous sort. Trends like glitter roots and sunset hair, while cool looking just aren’t for me. Well there’s a new beauty trend and I’m a bit undecided on whether I’d try it or not. OK, I totally wouldn’t try it, but I love the look of it!

Rainbow freckles is the latest beauty trend that sees women adding a touch of colour to their face by accenting their look with coloured freckles. Women are painting on freckles in literally every colour of the rainbow, from red to pink to purple to blue to yellow and gold, and every other colour you can imagine, often matching it to their rainbow hair. Let it be known that I have a lot of freckles naturally that I love, but I just don’t think I could pull off painting purple freckles on my face.

It’s really quite a stunning look, and if you’re edgy enough and can carry it off I think it looks amazing. Check out these rainbow freckle looks and let me know if this is a trend you’ll be embracing or if you’re quite happy to wait for the next trend to come along!?



Who says women don’t love their freckles?! This new beauty trend not only loves freckles, but fully embraces them!