Raw Vegan Food Box Makes Life Easier; Sun Cafe

Recently I was offered the opportunity to try Sun Cafe’s Raw Vegan Food Box.  Sun Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants.   They have so many delicious options and you can GORGE on food and not feel bad when leaving..

Some of my obsessions are the nachos, mint shake and gravy and biscuits. They have a variety of Raw, Vegan, gluten free options.

The food is so fresh and you can let your kids eat whatever they want and not worry!! I have seen teens munching down on the pizza and even my husband who tends to not love vegan meals and he even has his favorites.. like the coffee shake and the reuben pizza.

The raw vegan food box was amazing. It made my week so much easier.  My only challenge was fighting off my 6 and 7 year old because they wanted to eat my food… my only complaint is that it should be for a whole week and not enough for 3 – 4 days.

SunCafe’s 3 by 4

Raw Vegan Food Box Meals Delivery Option

* 3 Enticing Entrees * 3 Salacious Salads/soups * 3 Delectable Desserts/Appetizers * 3 Bountiful Breakfasts One value price $119, add $20 for delivery 

Pick up or delivery


  BENEFITS OF RAW MEAL SERVICE * Raw (more nutrition than cooked) * Living enzymes * Vegan * Alkaline food (build stronger immune system) * GMO free, organic, pesticide-free, gluten free


3×4 Raw Box Menu

MEALS FOR JANUARY 11: (Meals subject to occassional changes due to availability of organic produce)These are flavor rich raw food meals like you’ve come to expect from SunCafe, voted #3 Raw Restaurant in the world at BestOfRawFoods.com. There will be an emphasis on dishes with a lighter use of nuts. ENTREES: Veggie kabobs w/garlic kale, El Salvadoran veggies over massaged greens w/chili lime sauce, Italian jicama “rice” bowl w/ pesto, Lasagna SALADS/SOUPS: Fumi Cabbage Salad, Celery Apple Salad, Italian spinach soup, Kale colossus SNACKS/DESSERTS: Chocolate truffle balls, Granola w/nut milk, Nacho chez & veggie sticks, Italian Canopes, Crackers OTHER SAMPLE ENTREES – Raw Chili * Teriyaki vegetable rice bowl * Curried squash and cauliflower SALADS/SOUPS – Mushroom soup * Caesar Salad * Kale/caggabe Coleslaw DESSERTS/SNACKS – Mango Ginger Fruit wraps * Key Lime Mousse * Chia porridge * Granola * Green smoothie (ready to blend)

cookie dough

TO ORDER: Choose either Pick Up or Delivery Pay through Paypal/Credit Card Online * Order by Friday 9pm for Sunday pickup/delivery *

3×4 Raw Box *Pick-Up* – $119  (available Sunday 4p-10p at SunCafe 10820 Ventura Blvd Studio City 91604)3×4 Raw Box *Delivered* – $139  (Delivery area: North of the 10 and 90 Freeways, South of the 210 Freeway West of the 110 Freeway, East of Santa Monica Beach)

Pick up or delivery


For questions email: ron (at) SunCafe (dot) com


MEALS FOR JANUARY 4: ENTREES: Burger on Buckwheat Bread, Sesame Noodles, Sprouted wild rice pilaf & vegetables in Walnut Cheddar Sauce, Portobello Sushi SALADS/SOUPS: Fiesta Salad, Chick Salad, Mushroom soup, Kale Salad SNACKS/DESSERTS:Orange chia pudding, Kale salad, Pumpkin cheesecake, Spinach Dip flax crackers, Cinnamon Granola w/nut milk MEALS FOR DECEMBER 21: ENTREES: Italian Sushi w/pesto, Portobello Vegetable Fajitas, Lasagna, more SALADS/SOUPS: Kale colossus, Tomato bisque, Green Salad w/ranch, Green smoothie SNACKS/DESSERTS: Sugar plums, Key Lime Pie, Sunflower Hummus and veggies, Granola w/sunflower milk MEALS FOR DECEMBER 14: ENTREES: Cheesy Casserole Cheddar veggies, Pumpkin Stuffing Stuffed Red Peppers, Carrot/flax falafel SALADS/SOUPS: Greek Salad, Sea chowder soup, Spinach Salad BREAKFAST: Granola w/sunflower milk, Greens & Fruit Smoothie w/superfoods (ready to blend), Waldorf Salad SNACKS/DESSERTS: Italian ricotta canopes, Pumpkin pie, Lemon balls


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