Resolve Your Problems with 5 Simple Steps

Resolve Your Problems with 5 Simple Steps

All of us have situations and problems that we have to deal with and overcome.  Often when we feel overwhelmed we turn to others to give us their opinions on how to deal with our problem. We may take another’s suggestion even if it doesn’t feel quite right because they said what they felt we should do with great conviction.  Often people come to see me because I’m a licensed marriage-family therapist and they believe that because I’m a professional I will solve their problems.  My clients are surprised when I tell them I won’t solve their problems. Instead I let them know that they hold the answer within themselves and I will gently guide them to find their truth.  Use these five simple steps to tune in to what you need. You will ultimately find the solution you were looking for is within.

Step One: Create a Peaceful Space. Find a quiet place, free from distractions and clear of clutter. Decorate the space with soothing things such as candles and a vase of flowers.

Step Two: Have a Clear Picture of What You Want Resolved.  Think about the problem you have. Then write down one to three questions that you want answers too.

Step Three: Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body. Do exercise such as a power walk or yoga where you breathe deep and your blood flows.

Step Four: Get Comfortable in Your Peaceful Space. Get pillows to sit on or find a comfortable chair. Make sure the temperature of the space is just right. Light your candles, and turn on soothing background music.

Step Five: Connect with Your Deepest Truth. Seated comfortably, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Tune into everything about the moment- the music, the scent, and your breath. Ask yourself one of the questions you wanted resolved. Keep breathing while asking yourself the question. Once you have an answer move onto the second and third question the same way. After you have received your answers, sit with the knowledge. Fully breathe in your truth. Connect with how it feels to know your truth.  When you open your eyes, write down your answers and follow your truth.

Sara Holliday MFT, CPT is a licensed marriage-family therapist, yoga instructor, wife and mom of two with a passion for helping women to look good and feel great inside and out. For more information visit or email your question to [email protected] .


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