Ryan Reynolds Explains Why He Named His Daughter ‘James’

Feb 5, 2016 at 11:28 am |

Naming your baby is a HUGE responsibility. It has to be something both you and your partner can agree on, and it has to be something that flows well with your last name. Some of us try to avoid trendy names, some go for the trendy names and some people try to get fancy with the spelling while others prefer to stick with the classics. And no matter what you name your baby, somebody will have an opinion on it!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively didn’t think they were giving their daughter an unusual moniker when they decided to name her James, but many people seem to think it’s unusual since it’s typically a boy’s name. Perhaps that’s why they were so hesitant to announce her name, waiting quite a few weeks before confirming that her was, indeed, James. But, when your mom’s name is Blake and your father’s name is Ryan, James isn’t too far of a stretch for a little girl, even if it wasn’t a family name.



Ryan recently appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to promote his upcoming movie ‘Deadpool’ and he was asked by co-host Kate Garraway why he gave his daughter a name that is usually associated with boys.

“In the spectrum of weird celebrity baby names, I feel like we’re not really breaking any new ground here. I mean, I didn’t call her Summer Squash Meadow Lark, or something.”