Safety 1st Elite Giveaway! Child Passenger Safety Week: Is Your Child Safe?

Sept 15-21 marks Child Passenger Safety Week and Safety 1st reached out to us in order to share some information with you.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children age 1 through 12 years old. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the goal of Child Passenger Safety week is to make sure all parents and caregivers are properly securing their children (ages 0-12) in the best car restraint (rear-facing, forward-facing, booster, seat belt) for their age and size.

Safety 1st Elite Giveaway! Child Passenger Safety Week: Is Your Child Safe?

Safety 1st offers a wide array of car seats and boosters for your children. Today, we are giving away this 3-in-1 car seat.

Safety 1st Elite 80 Air + 3 in 1 car seat

photo courtesy of Safety 1st
photo courtesy of Safety 1st

The Elite 80 Air + 3-in-1 Car Seat features our new Air Protect + to keep children from 5-80 pounds safer during the ride. Air Protect + combines the advanced protection of our Air Protect® cushion system with patented GCell HX™ foam designed with hexagonal shapes for superior protection around the torso. TOGETHER they provide full body side impact protection.

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Clarissa Nassar

Clarissa Nassar is a bi-coastal mama, born and raised in Southern Cali and transplanted to the east coast, she knows the best of both worlds. She writes on her blog The Posh Parent and is a full-time psychology major. Clarissa has been in the blogosphere since 2007 and loves to share her view of life as a chic mom on the cheap.

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60 thoughts on “Safety 1st Elite Giveaway! Child Passenger Safety Week: Is Your Child Safe?”

  1. I am currenty 8.5 months pregnant with my first baby girl! Hopefully she will be the one who gets to use this amazingly safe carseat!

  2. Oh my grandson Carter would be so enjoying the new carseat! His current one is getting too small, and I know he would love this style so much!

  3. My first baby girl due in November. Though I’m sure that I will enjoy having it as well knowing how safe she will be! Hope I win.

  4. Having been looking for a 3-in-1 carseat, but just haven’t had the extra $ to buy one. Would love to win this, & of coarse I always love my Hot Moms Club!

  5. We would use it to ERF our 14 month old. The seat he is in now only rear faces until 35 lbs. I would love to ERF him until he is 3 +!

  6. My little giant is growing so fast, he needs a new car seat soon. Hopefully, he’ll be enjoying this one. 🙂

  7. What a great car seat! My youngest son just turned one, so it would be the perfect big boy seat for him…definitely would last for a couple of years!! 🙂

  8. This car seat is amazing! I love the brand and would love a new one for my baby girl. It would defiantly be well used.

  9. My son is turning 1 next month and could really use a carseat like this! He is still using his baby carseat and is to big for it!

  10. I am 26 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. This was a surprise pregnancy. We have a 3 year old and a 1 year old so we are in need of a third car seat! This would be wonderful for our family!

  11. I find it Shocking that Child Safety always has to be brought up time and time again,you would think by now Parents would know the Importance of a Child seat the correct weight for the seat and how to secure it properly after all is that not the most Precious Cargo in your car your Child ! Thanks for Highlighting again,Its sad that it has to be Highlighed all the time as Parents won’t take notice ! Its the same old Nothing will happen to my Child Wrong Attitude,Child safety should always be a Priority before Anything I know my youngest is 22mths I do Everything in my power to keep her safe That’s the job of a Parent,

  12. My baby’s about to outgrow his current car seat and I would LOVE to have one that can rearface for as long as this one can!

  13. Oh My! My little Violet needs a new seat so bad- and this seat is PERFECT! It will grow with her, until she is big enough to not need a seat anymore!

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