See This Little Boy’s Reaction When He Finds Out He’s Going To Have A 5th Sister!

When Andrew and Laura Last discovered that they would be adding yet another girl to their large family, they decided to have some fun with how they told their only son Matthew.

The couple decided to create a fun and unique gender announcement photo showing young Matthew, the only boy of the family, surrounded by his younger sisters, Natalie, 4, and triplets Annemarie, Catherine and Elizabeth, 2. The photo, which Andrew posted to the Life of Dad facebook page with the caption ‘This little guy just found out that he’s getting a fifth sister!!’ shows Matthew surrounded by his sisters, all decked out in their favourite princess dresses, while one holds a picture of the ultrasound and a 5th princess dress lays on the bed, ready for the newest baby!

Matthew is understandably overwhelmed in the picture while the girls look perfectly excited, and it’s a pretty cute way to announce that the family will be welcoming another daughter while poking a bit of fun at Matthew being completely outnumbered!




Mom Laura told TODAY Parents why they wanted to create this fun gender reveal announcement saying “Since Matthew is our firstborn, our house started out full of trucks, superheroes and sports equipment. Over the years, as more and more girls have joined the family, it has gradually been taken over by baby dolls and dress-up clothes. We thought it would be a fun way to announce the gender by showing Matthew surrounded by all the girls, reacting to the news that there will be even more pink around here.”

The Last’s went on to explain that even though Matthew will be outnumbered he’s a very protective big brother, and that his sisters are super excited to get another girl,

“He is a protective big brother, a great leader, and really helps take care of all his little sisters,” said Last.

“They were all hoping for a girl,” said Last. “It’s a mini sorority over here — every night is like a slumber party with all your best friends — what’s not to be excited about?”

What do you think about this gender reveal? Did you do anything fun to announce your pregnancy or gender reveal?


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