Should Kids Be Calling Adults By Their First Name?


Whenever my children refer to an adult (who isn’t a family member), I’ve always made them say, “Mrs. Rebecca,” “Mrs. Cristen,” or “Mrs. Stephanie.” Calling their friends’ moms by just “Rebecca,” “Cristen,” and “Stephanie,” just seemed a little informal to me.

When it comes to other adult figures like their teachers, of course I think they should refer to them by their last names. I might be alone in thinking this, but for children, every adult should have some kind of title or another, even if it begins with a “Mr.” or a “Miss.”

Stephanie Rodriguez-Moser of Scary Mommy recently brought the subject up in a blog post asking if it’s ok for kids to call adults by their first name. Here’s what she says:

I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of kids understand the whole hierarchy of adulthood thing. I’ve worked in daycares and volunteered in my kids’ schools. The children there (who called me by my first name, gasp!) never seemed to think that they shouldn’t take direction from me or be respectful of me because I have a first name. Then again, I also don’t assume that, by magic, the second the clock stuck on my 18th birthday, I attained a higher station in life.

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