Should You THREAD Your Eyebrows ?

Should you THREAD Your Eyebrows? Why shouldn’t I just wax? Recently we were invited out to THREAD EYEBROWS in Hollywood, CA to get our eyebrows THREAD. The first question I asked was..
I was a little nervous once I accepted,  as I remember trying it once and it hurt ! When I walked in the decor was modern, the eyebrow experts were smiling and well no one was crying! I sat down with Shokou Shahidi Rezvani, the lead brow expert and she quickly THREAD my eyebrows and well it only hurt a little.
Here are  some great pointers from Shoku on why to try threading as opposed to waxing…!!
1. Waxing is abrasive to the skin. It’s a hot chemical that can invade pores and cause in grown hairs. Threading is just that, a piece of thread, nothing else. Those with sensitive skin react much better to threading; redness is minimal in threading compared to waxing, and usually lasts for only a few minutes post-service.2. It’s true that waxing will remove the hair, but it was also remove the epidermal layer of skin, creating a sagging a loose layer of skin and also an unsightly difference in skin tone.  Threading only removes the hair, leaving the skin unharmed.3. Waxing is simply less accurate. I would liken it to the difference between using a crayon as opposed to a pen. Threading allows you to remove not only lines of hair at a time, but also single hairs at a time which makes adjusting and shaping much easier. While in waxing, once the wax is touching the hair, the hairs will be coming off in one fell swoop, no matter what.4.  Waxing will not remove all hairs from the root, just most of them.  Some hairs will break due to the pulling action of waxing. This process often causes in-growns and makes it harder to remove that hair in the future.  Because threading removes hair by pruning the follicle from the root, the hair is trained to slowly become thinner and thinner in the removed areas. Hair does not grow in as fast and you’ll notice you need more time between appointments.
Can’t wait to see the story—can you shoot me a link when it posts?

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Our philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom, unless you are the best YOU’.

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