Similac Baby Formula Only $0.49?!

 Calling all new Moms!  Have you realized how expensive that little tiny person is yet?  Formula is one of those things that you just have to come out of pocket for, right? Not any more! Sign up with Similac Strong Moms to start receiving $5.00 “checks” in the mail. They will have your name on them, and you use them as a form of payment, but they are NOT redeemable for cash. Your price of the formula MUST exceed the face value of the “check” (if it happens to be on sale for $4.99, you CANNOT use the “check” to pay for it). These checks are good towards ANY variety of Similac formula.

Here’s your $0.49 scenario at Target:

Similac Ready to Feed Formula, 1QT (946mL) $5.49, Regular Price
Use $5.00/1 – Similac Formula, Check – (
Final Price: $0.49!!!

The Krazy Coupon Lady

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12 thoughts on “Similac Baby Formula Only $0.49?!”

  1. Meijer tends to have this on sale for 2/$10 regular and sensitive… you only have to pay tax! 🙂

  2. Are there any one sale anywhere for 5 bucks?? My new son needs Neosure which is sim. and I have 7 of these coupons. I gave my mom 5 of them.

  3. Yea similac reels you in the first couple of months with tons of checks and then send you nothing once your baby has adapted to using their formula. Trust me, i have not received a single one since the baby was like 4 months old and she is now adapted to this formula so did not want to change it on her. she is now 10 months and it is VERY expensive without the checks!

  4. I think the better deal with the checks is to go to sams club. Since they are checks they accept them as payment. Now that tub of formula make 64 4oz bottles normally priced about $27 is $22. Thats about 0.35 per bottle.

  5. I completely agree with you Tiffany, as we are in the exact same situation. The similac coupon ‘concept’ is very deceptive and extremely disappointing.

  6. Try going on eBay and buying some coupons. I got a lot that way for a small price. I didn’t pay full price for formula the whole time!

  7. Walmart has their store brand “Parent’s Choice” that is comparable to Similac. I switched over after Similac had most of their fomula recalled last year. My baby couldn’t tell the difference…and it’s much much cheaper!

  8. i really like gerber, they give me a lot more than any of the others, and really i would ONLY give her that if i could afford to do so, all of my childern had less spitup and gas with gerber, but i do agree about them stopping after 4 months, i have only recieved 1 cheack and my youngest is 3 1/2 months old! also meijers has the sensitive in quarts for 3.84 right now!

  9. What I did is have my mom and two sisters and grandma sign up for them and I have a ton so I will never run out… Just ask a friend or family member to sign up and get them that way!!

  10. Jamie,

    my son needed the hypoallergenic one alimentum… and it cost us $60 a week it was crazy…we were so happy when he turned 6 months and we could ween him off of it. hard to find deals on neo sure but we will let you know if we do!

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