Slough off the Rough Stuff


Slough off the Rough Stuff

I remember back in the day, I had the luxury of leisurely mornings in the bathroom. I could brush teeth and hair. Wash face. A microdermabrasion, if needed. Serum. Moisturize. SPF. Even makeup, should the day warrant its use. My trick to such luxury? I knew the formula. Infant + bouncy chair = time.

With a 3-year-old, I’m on the go. Some might say, I’m a go-go dancer. Instead of white go-go boots and crazy dance moves, it’s white cream along my hair line (no time to blend in) and crazy dancing around packed schedules.

Now that spring’s here, it’s important to put winter behind us…literally. This means adding an extra step to your cleansing routine in the morning. Exfoliating. Getting all those dry skin flakes off to reveal a glow of fresh skin. Ugh. More time.

Enter cleansing exfoliators. One product. Two steps. Beautiful skin. Another formula I like.

Benefit’s Cosmetics Honey Snap Out of It Scrub: My all time fave. Soft almonds, natural honey and Vitamin E leave your skin simply sumptuous. Extra bonus if you have time: leave it on for three minutes for a mini-mask and exfoliator in one!

L’ORéAL Paris GO 360˚ Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub: This even has a cute little pop-out  “scrublet” cleansing disk. A high foam with natural apricot seed powder and salicylic acid sends skin full circle to renewed beauty.

Cat Cosmetics’ Cleansing Grains: Use this one only twice a week on your entire face or only on problem areas. Helps diminish fine lines too. Yippee!

Kinerase Photofacials Daily Exfoliating Cleanser: I don’t know what qualifies as a superfruit, but this has them. It polishes away rough skin with the enzymes and micro-exfoliating particles.

ZO Skin Health Offects Exfoliating Cleanser: Encapsulated Vitamin E and smoothing micro-beads for skin zo beautiful. OK, that was bad. Sorry.


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