Target Is Now Offering Shopping Carts To Help Accommodate Special-Needs Kids

Feb 12, 2016 at 1:46 am |

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You know, Target, there are days in which I kick myself for going to your store for shampoo and coming out with $150 worth of stuff instead, but it’s only because I love (and appreciate) you.  And now you’ve given me yet another reason to love your stores by showing just how much you truly care about your customers.

According to several new reports, the Big-box franchise will begin rolling out new shopping carts to help accommodate both children and adults with physical disabilities. Amazing, right?

Here’s a little more:

Disability rights activists see the carts as a win-win for Target and its customers. “They help make people with disabilities more visible, which sends the message that they’re part of the community and reminds people that they can have a normal life,” Curt Decker, executive director of the National Disability Rights Network, tells Yahoo Parenting. By opening up access to their stores, retailers boost their revenue, he says.

“The carts are an extension of other efforts stores have been making to increase accessibility, from widening and clearing aisles to offering motorized carts,” says Decker. “With little investment, they increase their customers.”

Look out for these carts as they’ll be debuting at your local Target stores by next month.

Source via Yahoo Parenting

Photo via Target

Target makes shopping cart built to hold adults with special needs available nationwide. “It really is beyond words because the need has existed forever.”