Thanks Tiger Woods!


Courtesy of Splash News
Courtesy of Splash News

Thanks Tiger Woods! I only thank him because this is a huge topic for me. Having been in a relationship where I was cheated on, and who of us hasn’t, this topic will always hit home for me. Thankfully I didn’t have children with this person and I am soooo grateful I left and met my current current husband who I have two amazing kids with.

That being said, I say, there is absolutely NO excuse for cheating …..EVER!  If this is the behavior you want, then don’t be married, period!  Tiger has single- handedly  ruined his marriage and broke his family.  It will NEVER go away, it’s too late,it can’t be un-done, damage is done forever. I don’t care how hard he tries from this point on, his wife will never forget the betrayal or the hurt he caused. She will never be able to have sex with him again and not think about the other women he also had sex with. She will never be able to send him off to work or anywhere else without her and feel secure. She will now doubt everything out of his mouth.  She will not be able to trust! Gone, all because he wanted to stick it to other cocktail waitresses.  Weigh out those priorities. Unbelievable! Was it worth it Tiger? Now let’s talk about the children who’s lives you just screwed up.  Your very own children. Did he think of them when he was thinking about that cocktail waitress?  Not at all, how sad. If you aren’t going to think of your wife, at least think of your kids, and if you think  cheating doesn’t have anything to do with your kids, you are sadly mistaken!  Tigers kids will now have to either, one, live in a home where there will be a lot more anger and resentment and arguments and lack of love, due to the repercussions of the affairs. Or, two, live in a split home where they will be without one or the other parent at all times(holidays too) and still have to deal with ill will between their parents. And what did they do to deserve this? Have Tiger as their dad.  What a sad disappointment he is to all of us and especially his own family. In a way, I am glad this happened so people start talking about it and realize how incredibly damaging cheating is. I know our parents never talked or taught their kids not to cheat, but I know I very much am talking and teaching my 10 year old boy  not to even think about messing up his and his families life just to cheat. And I hope all you parents out there will do the same. It’s NEVER worth it!

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