The Force Is Strong With This Miracle Baby, Born After His Mother Was Told She’d Never Have More Children

Dec 18, 2015 at 11:20 am |

Photographer Trish McCoy captured these incredible images of her young nephew Ezra in a very timely and awesome ‘Star Wars’ themed photo shoot after Ezra ‘beat the dark side’ just by being born.

In a photo essay that Trish originally published on Bored Panda, titled ‘A Long, Long Time Ago, My Sister Was Told She Couldn’t Have Anymore Children’ Trish wrote about how her sister, after battling cancer and then finding out she had a rare disease, was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more children.

“After battling cancer and then being part of the 7% of people who are affected with a rare disease, she had overcame the many battles that were thrown at her and had accepted that she was meant to only have 2 kids and that’s it.

Then 11 years later, she became pregnant with her miracle baby. The doctors were unsure she would be able to keep it due to the fact she suffers from an Auto immune disease, called Copper deficiency myeloneuropathy, and was receiving infusions bi-weekly Monday-Friday, there was little hope. But the force was strong with this one.”

Trish went on to write about how the force was strong with her young nephew, who came in to this world defeating the dark side.

“Overcoming the dark side and beating all the odds, this little Jedi came into this world with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a lightsaber at hand. They told her while pregnant he may not be the healthiest due to my sisters immune system being weakened, and that is just the case. He was born with a few bumps in the road, jaundice, his lung not expanding as much as it should and a weakened immune system as well. This young padawan is fighting all the battle droids and stormtroopers coming his way and winning every battle.”

A long, long time ago, my sister was told she couldn’t have anymore children

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“We call him our little Jedi because he was able to beat the dark side.”