The Holderness’s Latest Parody Video Is Spot On For Parents Who Are 40!

Jan 20, 2016 at 3:26 pm |

I know lots of you either love or hate The Holderness family (or kinda love them but are still kinda annoyed by them) but I’m always pretty amused by their videos . This is, after all, the family that brought us the very catchy ‘Christmas jammies’ video, which was their first big viral hit.


Well The Holderness family is back with a new video that is super catchy and is being shared by almost all my friends on facebook (because I’m in the age demographic I think) called ‘I’m 40’ which is a parody of the Justin Bieber song ‘Sorry’.  Like they wrote on their YouTube page “This. Is. 40. And we love it. In bed by 9 and only do the dance moves we knew in college” “We are 40 and we really aren’t caring”‘ This is exactly my life.

The latest parody video by The Holderness family will certain look familiar if you’re 40. “Uberin’ home at 9:20” is basically the anthem for every parent in their 40’s!