The mommy juggle

The mommy juggle

I’m trying everyday to get it right. I’m attempting to be present in the moment and rather than slugging through homework with my daughter- because really if I have to do another math word problem I think I may just spontaneously combust! Rather I try and look at these third grade math problems as an opportunity to spend quality time with her.

While she’s busy with homework my poor little four-year-old son gets the shaft and has only the TV to keep him occupied- so that I can cobble together a quickie dinner of you guessed it; nuked microwavable veggie chicken nuggets (Morning Star Farms rocks because well at least they’re soy based- which makes me feel just a tad less guilty about not cooking grilled chicken breasts). And if I’m lucky and have an inordinate amount of extra time on my hands- I might be able to steam up a little broccoli.

After I finally manage to get my son to eat a few bites, he begs me to sit and watch cartoons with him. Of course I’m a big cartoon junkie- but have a difficult time sitting through fifteen episodes of Scooby Doo consecutively. And yet when my son asks so sweetly if I can get under the covies, snuggle up next to him, and listen as Shaggy and Scooby go on another one of their crazy adventures- just how can I say no to that?!

So I sit beside him and my mind starts to wander towards the loads of laundry, which now resemble a small mountain teetering on my son’s bed– yes he flat-out refuses to sleep in it- and would prefer to bunk with his dad and I every night. That’s for another post– which is the reason why his bed currently serves as the laundry folding station.

I feel like I’m always juggling.. homework, dinner, quality time (or not) and yes Laundry- loads and loads of it.

Are you feeling it too? What does your juggle look like and how do you keep all those balls in the air without a few crashing down on your head!

Melissa Chapman and her brood of three live in the urban concrete jungle of NYC. She contributes to Time Out NY Kids, iVillage and Real Moms Guide, writes a blog for WCBS-TV and a weekly column for the Staten Island Advance, called Kids in the City.

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2 thoughts on “The mommy juggle”

  1. You asked when does it get easier? Truth be told, it gets easier when your kids can sleep through the night and you can ditch that diaper bag! That is when it gets easier. Then you will have new challenges, school work and if you happen to be in a decent school, a TON of school work along side of any extra activities that your kids are involved in. But don’t worry, I think it is much more difficult when they are little and you are sleep deprived and you have to haul around everything but the kitchen sink just to get in the car. NOTHING is worse then that. Anyway, hope this helps! It goes by fast.

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