These Frat Brothers Do Something Extraordinary For A 12 Year Old Girl With Cancer

Lexi Brown is a 12 year old cancer patient who was recently admitted to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California after a recent course of treatment revealed that her heart was only working at 15%.

While in the hospital Lexi and her mom noticed that her room faced UCLA’s fraternity row, so they decided to have some fun with it put a sign in their window asking for pizza! Needless to say Lexi and her mom were very surprised when a group of men from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity not only showed up with pizza, but roses and some entertainment for Lexi. Her mom spoke to NBC news and said;

“Five guys come in, and they had a guitar and dozen roses and a box of pizza,” Lisa said. “They introduced themselves and said, ‘We saw your sign; we’re here.’ They stayed for a half an hour, they sang this song and I started bawling my head off. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe these people are here for my child.'”

“We don’t know them,” she added. “They’re 18-to-24-year-old guys. And it’s just ridiculous.”‘



After learning that Lexi loved soccer, the frat brothers arranged for a visit from the UCLA squad, followed by visits from the quarterback of the football team and various other team and sorority members, all because these frat brothers took the time to care about this young, 12 year old cancer patient.

“When the brothers got back from visiting Lexi, you could see that they were all glowing, knowing that they had done something good for the community,” SAE chapter president Kevin Autran said. “It was contagious. And brothers stepped up to go visit her essentially every day. Some just stopped by to give her a little gift like a shirt or a teddy bear, and some stayed for hours to hang out with her.”

The frat then sent Lexi a special message after lighting their house up for the holidays, writing ‘Lexi’ in lights at the top of the house topped with a red heart. Awwww!



Even though Lexi is back home now the fraternity considers her like family, and still keep in touch.

“We truly feel like Lexi and her parents are part of our family, and we just want them to know that we will always be there for them,” Autran said.

Mom Lisa said that even though they’re going through one of the toughest times of their lives right now, the brothers brought them true joy. “I never knew that so many young adults had it in them.”



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