These Moms Admit That They ‘Hate’ Motherhood And Their Babies


You know, there are times in which I get pretty annoyed with my children and I’ll admit that I do sometimes wish they can be in school a little bit longer or that I could send them off to their grandparents house for an extended weekend. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always work that way and as much work as they are, I still love them more than I did the previous day when it’s time to go to bed after a long and tiring day. As much as they do drive me up the wall but at the end of the day, there still are my little creations.

Yet, there are parents out there who actually admit to “hating” their baby. Now, before we take out our pitchforks and judge, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, as a mother’s rant can be a real plea for help, too.

I mean, check out some of these “I Am Starting To Hate My Baby” posts on a popular mommy board thread:

Please don’t think I don’t love my little man I do with all my heart, but the crying is starting to wear me down, we think he is colicky so got some infacol and this seems to help, we changed his milk from sma to aptimal, I didn’t breastfeed as he struggled to latch or I dont know if it was a case that neither of us got the hang of it plus the midwives put so much pressure to breastfeed that I dug my heals in and didn’t try properly little man was so hungry before we left hospital that we just gave in to bottle.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mum but I feel I have completely lost myself that everyone just sees me as little mans mum and not me, with my husband I just don’t feel like his lover his wife just the mother of his child. Its not him making me feel like this just me. It feels that people only want to talk to me cos of little man and don’t want to see me anymore only little man.

I’m not even that fussed how much my body has changed in fact I rather like it.

I just wonder if I will ever feel lime me again or is this it now.


I feel like such a bad mum at the moment. I thought I was doing everything fine as I’ve just been doing what feels natural as opposed to doing set routines. Here’s why I feel like I’m a bad parent:

My son is 11 months in a few days and;

-He still doesn’t sleep a full night in his cot he ends up in my bed as it’s easier because he wakes up about 5 times a night to breastfeed

-He doesn’t have a set routine (I just follow his cues, which I have noticed he has his own little routine, but nothing like waking up at a certain time, breakfast certain time, nap certain time and bed certain time ect)

-Because my friend came over one night this week she woke up my baby at 9pm when he had fallen asleep at 7:30pm, he ended up being wide awake until half 11, since then it’s like that’s when he thinks he should be going to sleep because no matter what I do that is when he’s been falling asleep (I didn’t say she could wake him up she went to the toilet and then walked in the room and picked him up, safe to say I was plenty ****** I hate it when she does things like that as she doesn’t consider the fact he’s a baby and needs sleep)

-He’s refusing to eat fruit and veg

Thats it really, but up until now I found what I do works for us. I never thought a routine was necessary as I haven’t gone back to work yet so I’m pretty much here for my son all the time and that’s my job to give him what he needs when he needs it. But meal times have become harder As he will not put fruit or veg in his mouth at all. The only way I have got him to eat veg is through mashing it with mashed potato. And I’ve been giving him the puréed baby fruit pots and Ella’s kitchens fruit pouches just so I know he’s getting goodness from the fruit. I keep trying him on fruit and veg but he just looks at it in disgust and won’t touch it.


I don’t think anyone fully appreciates the enormous impact a baby has on your life and it is almost impossible to try and explain it. With my first (now 8) I distinctly remember saying to hubby, “what have we done, we used to have a nice life”. That really did sum up how I felt at that moment at some point in the first month. Now of course I wouldn’t be without my two lovely children

With your first you really can feel like you have lost your life, it honestly will pass, this phase is not for ever. It was for me however the hardest part, the crying was relentless, I was lacking sleep, I felt clueless, I craved being pregnant rather than having a baby. It was the toughest few weeks of my life.


Honestly, we’ve all been there, we’ve all seen it. These mothers are definitely not alone, but in the world of stay-at-home mommies, it can sure feel that way.

Tell us Hot Moms, have you ever felt a moment in which you hated being a mother or worse, hated your child? While I don’t want to believe that anyone would actually hate their baby, this could also be a sign of postpartum depression. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. And remember, we are all in this together!

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