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Maybelline GreatLash


Never has a mascara caught my eyes before—beautiful lashes by the exquisite Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline. Bundled up so sweetly in perfect pink casing, this mascara truly creates Lash envy: sleek, full, and luscious long lashes that everyone desires. Even better, it’s not part of the Clump club AND it’s easy to put on as it is to take off. 
I LOVE mascara. At the age of 15, I tried mascara for the first time & loved it! We went everywhere together. Going to the beach in Hanalei, at choir practice after school, and out with friends for a movie night. Then I went off to college and it all changed. I begun hanging around friends that gave me lash pressure. “Do it, do it, you’ll never regret it” they chanted. So, I decided to abandon my pink friend in search for the ultimate eyelash fix, and then I found Chanel, Lancome, and YSL the NB Gang! Everything changed. I was immediately welcomed into the NB Family. I felt special, part of something. I was on such a high, the NB High. What a glamorous time I had. One night I hung out with Chanel, the other with Lancome. It was filled with endless excitement, sultry, and at times, flirtatious flutter. All focused on the windows to my soul.
That’s when my credit card bill came, which immediately ended my lash-capade. Days passed, I couldn’t eat; no really I racked up my credit card to a whopping $200 dollars. That’s a lot for a college student. And that was on mascara alone. As time passed I struggled to get every bit of mascara possible out of my shiny black casing. I scrambled through my basket of makeup and there in the corner of the drawer my unopened, lonesome and completely forgotten Pink wonder. With Chanel on one lash, what should I do? I reached for the package and savagely ripped it open, applying it to my right eyelashes. Then it dawned on me. My pink friend was always there never leaving my side. The one I could always count on in times of need. As I look in the mirror, the lash envy people talk about, is there staring right back at me. Not much of a difference visually whatsoever. Since then a lot has changed. All I know is that my eyelashes feel and look amazing, I have my pink friend back in my life, I am free from the bondage of the NB gang and have so much to be thankful for knowing that I have a wonderful friend in Maybelline’s Great Lash.
Only $4.44 at Walmart
*Disclaimer this is not an advertisement. No products were taken in exchange for review.  Just a fun post!

Cheryl Moana Marie

Recording Artist & Songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie has been heating up sound waves around the world with her record, "Reach Higher" that has airplay on radio stations in Albania, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, Croatia, and Spain. She wrote, performed, produced and distributed the entire album under her Kauaiian Girl Record Label. A member of ASCAP, this sultry Hawaiian songstress has immersed herself in music since the age of five. Her journey has included being an Oakland Raiderette, On-Air Host for STARZ Movie Channel and Miss Asia USA. She’s done modeling campaigns and national commercials for some of the county’s most recognizable companies.  

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