This Common Kitchen Tool Will Help You Open Those Annoying Clamshell Packages

Jan 20, 2016 at 3:04 am |

I hate clamshell packages with a passion. I have no idea why so many things are packaged in them when clearly the only reason for them is to annoy and frustrate those who have to open them. Every time I have to open something in an clamshell I end destroying my nails and my hands as I try to use scissors to try to cut the package open then pry it with my hands. I hate them.

The genius people over at PureWow have just posted their idea on how to use a common kitchen tool to open those pesky clamshell packages and dare I say, it’s brilliant!

PureWow suggests that we simply use a hand held can opener to open the packages, and I’m a bit sad I didn’t think of that before. Basically you start at the bottom of the package and ‘open’ it down one side. The can opener sadly won’t go around the corners, but if you get both sides open you can typically get the product out of the packaging without destroying your nails. Or you can just use scissors to snip off the corner.

This is so easy and smart, I’m a bit angry I hadn’t thought of this already. Do you have any cool kitchen hacks to share?


Hate ruining your manicure every time you have to open a clamshell package? This cool hack will save your manicure and your sanity!