This Dad Bought His Son An Elsa Dress For Halloween And He’s The Cutest Princess Ever


When Paul Henson of Virginia took his son Caiden out shopping for Halloween costumes he was prepared for the normal indecisiveness that goes with having a toddler who’s trying to pick out a Halloween costume. He told Buzzfeed that no matter what he suggested to Caiden, he kept looking for the perfect costume. “You know toddlers, they’re very fickle.” I would also like to personally add that children of any age are very fickle when it comes to picking out Halloween costumes!

Needless to say Paul was completley unfazed when Caiden decided he wanted to be none other than Elsa from Frozen for Halloween. After all, if you can be Queen of the Frozen North, ruling the snow and ice and belting out catchy songs like it’s nobody’s business, why wouldn’t you be?!

Paul posted this adorable picture to his Facebook page and it very quickly went viral.




Alongside the picture of Caiden giving perfect Queen of Frozen attitude, Paul wrote ‘Anyone that knows us, knows we generally let Caiden make his own choices, to an extent. Well, he has decided on a Halloween costume. He wants to be Elsa. He also wants me to be Anna. Game on. Keep your masculine bullshit and slutty kids costumes, Halloween is about children pretending to be their favorite characters. Just so happens, this week his is a princess.’

There is so much I love about this I don’t even know where to start, but I’m seriously hoping Paul posts a picture of him and Caiden in their matching Anna and Elsa costumes, because I think they just might win Halloween!


Kelli Catana

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  1. I think this is great! My 4 year old son was playing dress up at school a few weeks ago. He chose to be a princess. Other parents were horrified, mostly dads. I’ve always said that I would raise my kids to not have gender bias. I stand true to that now. So what? He wants to play dress up and he wants to pretend to be a princess! Let them be kids. Let them pretend and have imaginations. The world would be a better place if we had a little more imagination.

  2. If this little dude came to my house dressed like that…Halloween would be over. I would give him all of my candy!
    Who cares what he wants to be for Halloween? Let children be children. Let them have fun. Let them use their imagination for a change.

  3. I couldnt agree more with all three parents! I have a fiver year old that would do the same. Restricting children from things, that don’t make you who you are (clothes) , will not help them to grow to their full potential. It will also ruin their confidence . let kids be kids and stop forcing them to be what society wants them to be.

  4. Ok people. You need to stop hitting yourselves on The chest and asking God to forgive us… This is Halloween for crying out loud. Halloween is the day that you dress as what ever you want . Who the hell are we to judge anyone? Keep your MACHO comments to yourself and let this dad be a awesome dad. Maybe you guys can learn something.

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