This Dad Interviews His 14 Month Old Daughter With Ridiculous Results!

Jan 8, 2016 at 4:31 pm |

I have to love a dad with a sense of humour, and that’s definitely something that La Guardia Cross has! La Guardia has a web series called ‘New Father Chronicles‘ where he chronicles life with her now 14 month old daughter Amalah.

In this recent video La Guardia gets right down to it, asking the tough questions we all wish we could ask our toddlers. Questions like ‘why won’t you sleep through the night?’ and ‘why don’t you contribute financially to the family’ are all asked, and answered quite hysterically.

In his caption on YouTube, La Guardia writes “The very first interview I did with Amalah was at 6 weeks old. She’s a 1yr old now, 14 months to be exact. I had burning questions that needed to be answered, so I decided to open the new season of New Father Chronicles with another interview.”

Haven’t you ever wanted to ask your toddler why they just can’t sleep through the night?! Or how about why they choose to not financially contribute to the household? One dad asks the tough questions and the results are pretty hilarious.