This Husband Got More Than He Bargained For When He Asked His Wife To Draw A Picture Of What’s On Her Mind

Feb 3, 2016 at 1:12 pm |

Have you ever had anyone ask you ‘What’s on your mind’ only to instinctively respond with ‘nothing’ because it’s easier to say ‘nothing’ than ‘everything’ which is really what goes on in our mind every minute of every day? One Reddit user, who goes by the screen name bphwhirl recently asked his wife to draw him a picture of what was on her mind, and something tells me he got a bit more than he bargained for.

“Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind,” his wrote in his post. “This was her response.”

Instead of just brushing it off with a ‘nothing’, this created a picture that pretty much sums up what most women in the world are thinking, and also shows that she might be a master multitasker.
There’s the typical overthinking that many of us do. I, for one, am completely guilty of this.  I’ll rethink situations that happened days before and try to figure out if someone was being judgy towards me, or if I was being bitchy instead. This is so me!
Then there’s my personal favourite thought bubble of ‘Lose weight, nevermind food is awesome, nevermind it’s the devil!’ YES, this is me every night when I’m watching TV and starving but trying to talk myself in to having an apple instead of a muffin.

Everything. Everything was on her mind. This is multitasking.