This Man Posted A Picture Of His Wife’s ‘Period Outfit’ Online

Jan 29, 2016 at 5:13 pm |

Alright ladies, we all know that we have certain underwear that we keep for that time of the month when we have our period. Every woman I know has ‘period underwear’ because no one wants to ruin their expensive Victoria’s Secret purchases with blood stains, so we break out the cotton bikini’s that we don’t care about. The same goes for what we wear to bed. No one wants to risk getting blood on the sheets if they can avoid it, so most women wear their comfiest pj pants or lounge pants to bed. And we dgaf. It’s also our way of letting our significant other know that no, there’s no way you’re getting lucky tonight. When the flannel pants go on, your chance of sex goes out the window!

One brave husband decided that he would take a picture of his wife in her ‘period outfit’ and post it to Reddit, drawing some of the most hilarious comments I’ve ever seen.

Captioned ‘This is my wife’s “don’t f*cking touch me I’m on my period outfit” the man then posted a picture of his wife, from the neck down, wearing something that most women can probably relate to.


I think it’s safe to say we all hope that this wife never finds out that her husband posted this picture!