This Mom Says Frozen Nuggets Destroyed Her Daughter’s Eating Habits


If there’s one thing that is a constant war in my house, it’s getting my children to eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating three bites of their breakfast and then asking for a snack 30 minutes later doesn’t count, but they don’t seem to understand that. As easy as it would be to give in and let them eat what they want, it’s something that sits heavily on my conscious because as any parent will tell you, healthy children are happy children and damn you Chick Fil A for being so damn convenient and around the corner from me!

But for Scary Mommy blogger Kimberly Zapata, she knows the struggle all too well. In her latest post, she admits that feeding her child frozen nuggets has basically destroyed her toddler’s eating habits. Here’s what she writes:

Ah, the delusions of new motherhood. I knew the wide-brimmed hat was nothing more than a fantasy—with my boyish cut, hats look far too masculine—but I did think my daughter would be a good eater. And she was, until I got sick and fed her an emergency chicken nugget around 16 months (the kind every parent keeps hidden in their freezer, for husbands or rainy days). She loved it, but after the nugget incident, things went downhill. She had her first bite of cake on her birthday, a bit of pizza here, and a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese there.

I feel like a failure. Not because I’m failing my daughter; I know this is a phase, and with time and patience and continually picking beans off the floor and peaches from her thighs, it will pass. But I feel like a failure because in my pre-parenting days I judged parents of picky eaters. I guilt-watched Maury, especially the episodes with overweight children, and would snidely say from my sofa it was the parents’ fault. Parents choose what and when their children eat.

Oh, girlfriend, I know the struggle because it is all TOO REAL in my house. I know the pain, I feel the pain, I live in the pain. Getting my children to eat a proper, healthy meal is the hardest work I’ve had to do as a mother but let me tell you, I’m determined. It might take some time, but sooner or later they will be healthy eaters whether they like it or not. Sure, I can give them mac and cheese and goldfish for lunch for seven straight years, but it’s my job as a mother to make sure they get the proper, nutritious meals their bodies need and deserve. I mean, you can go the easy route and suffer the consequences later or struggle with it now to make things easier in the long run, right?

What are your thoughts, Hot Moms?

Source via Scary Mommy



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