This Video Shows TSA Agent Pat Down 10-Year-Old Girl ‘Over and Over’

Jan 8, 2016 at 2:51 am |

Flying with kids can be stressful. I flew over the holidays with my family and preparing for the airport is like going through a checklist with my kids. I go through their carry on bags to make sure there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be, and we’ve never really had any issues with security. My kids know that they have to be patient and respectful in the security lines, even if they’re long, because they know that the security measures are for all of our safety.

One father is taking exception to a 2 m inute TSA patdown his 10 year old daughter was subjected to calling it ‘uncomfortable, long and inappropriate.’ When 10 year old Vendela forgot a Capri Sun juice pouch in her carry on bag, Vendela was then subjected to a patdown. Vendela’s father, Kevin Payne, felt that the length of the pat down was inappropriate for a 10 year old, and filmed the pat down.

Payne told his local NBC News station “It was an uncomfortable situation.”

After mistakenly leaving a juice pouch in her carry on this 10 year old went through a 2 minute TSA patdown. Her father thinks it was excessive.