This Wife Says Farting In Front Of Her Husband Is Actually Increasing Their Intimacy

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When my husband and I started dating over a decade ago, we hung out pretty often with another couple. While it only took a few short weeks for my hubby and I to be comfortable enough to keep the bathroom door open in front of one another, this couple kept all of their bodily functions to themselves. I even thought it was pretty odd when one night over dinner the girlfriend told us that she just can’t see herself farting in front of her boyfriend and that’s why she runs to the bathroom each time she needs to let one rip. Even then the 24-year-old me thought it was incredibly weird and odd not to be your true self in front of someone else you potentially want to spend the rest of your life with.
But for Jessica Gentile of New Jersey, she knows what I’m talking about. The proud wife says she holds nothing back when it comes to farting in front of her husband. In fact, she says it even brings them closer together as a couple.

‘No one should have to hold in any part of themselves​,’ Jessica wrote in an essay for ‘Acknowledging a natural human function is an essential part of life.’

Here’s a little more:
Jessica explains that being open and honest makes a relationship healthier, and it’s silly to deny ‘the most basic component of human biology’.
She also takes issues with the fact that women, in particular, tend to keep mum about their gassy habits because of society’s expectations that ‘ladies don’t fart’.
‘It’s time to break down the stereotypes, stigmas, and shame that accompany gastrointestinal biology so we can normalize our bodies,’ she says. ‘And I’m now proud to do that, even if it’s just within the confines of my personal relationship. Shifting social standards have to start somewhere, why not at home?’
Call me crazy but I stand by Jessica’s claims 100 percent. Passing gas is as normal as going to the bathroom and it’s nothing anyone should be ashamed of, especially in your marriage. Of course it sounds gross but let’s be real here: vomiting, changing dirty diapers and cleaning up after your dog are all gross too, but we still do it, right? Plus, one of the things I love about being married is that you can be completely yourself with your partner no matter how odd you may sometimes be!
Tell us Hot Moms, what do you think? Do you let it rip in front of your partners too or do you prefer to toot in private?
Source via The Daily Mail



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