This Woman Created Her Own “American Boy” For Her Son When She Couldn’t Find One To Buy

Gina DeMillo Wagner’s daughter is a huge American Girl fan. Last year, when her daughter turned 7, she received American Girl’s “Truly Me” dolls, customized to look like her. Gina’s son and daughter play lots of different things together, from super hero’s to sports to dolls, so it came as no surprise to her when her son asked for an ‘American Boy’ doll for himself for his 6th birthday. The only problem was, they don’t make ‘American Boy’ dolls! Fortunately Gina was creative enough to make her own ‘American Boy’ doll and posted exactly how she did it on her website.

Gina explained how she began to make her very own American Boy doll that looked like her 6 year old son writing;

First, I scoured eBay and Craigslist for a used 18-inch doll. It had to be in excellent condition, and it had to resemble my son with his platinum hair and blue eyes. I searched for “American Girl” and “Pleasant Company” (American Girl’s parent company) as well as “Madame Alexander,” another company that makes quality 18-inch dolls. It didn’t take long before I found a Madame Alexander doll on eBay for $25. If I looked past the hot pink lipstick and hair bow, I saw the spitting image of my son:



Gina goes on to detail how she gave the existing doll a haircut to match her son’s and how she used acetone to remove the blush and lipstick from the doll as well as trim her eyelashes. A cute Spider-Man outfit was ordered off Etsy and she soon had her very own ‘American Boy’ doll that looked just like her own son.



So adorable! And Gina writes that she was able to make her own doll for around $50, which is pretty amazing.

With all this talk towards gender neutrality in children’s toys I’m surprised that we haven’t seen an American Boy line yet, because it just seems so logical. I love that this mom had the creativity and imagination to create her very own doll for her son, and judging by the smile on his face he absolutely loves it! I think it’s painfully clear that boys just like to use their imagination and play as much as girls, and it really makes no difference what they’re playing with. There’s no difference between a Super Hero action figure and a doll because kids just use them equally for imaginary play.

You can check out Gina’s website here to get detailed instructions on how she made her own ‘American Boy’ doll.



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