Three Years After This Mom Donated Her Infant Son’s Heart She Gets To Hear It Again In The Chest Of A Little Girl

Feb 1, 2016 at 11:51 am |

Here’s your Monday morning cry for you.

Three years ago Heather Clark lost her 7 month old son Lukas when he was killed at the hands of her babysitter’s boyfriend. Amid unspeakable grief, Heather still made the decision to save as many lives as she could and chose to donate her son’s organs, which ended up saving the lives of three others. Heather told FOX10 that she didn’t hesitate when it came time to decide whether to donate Lukas’s organs or not.

 “There is another family out there, somewhere, you know who’s feeling something of what I’m feeling, somewhat, and I have the chance to make them not go through what I’m about to go through.”

In an emotional meeting, Heather finally got hear her son’s heart beat again in the chest of his donor recipient, 4 year  old Jordan Drake. Jordan received Lukas’s heart when she was just 18 months old, and this past week Heather finally got to meet the little girl who got her son’s heart.

Jordan was born with a congenital heart defect and spent most of her time before her life saving surgery at the Phoenix  Children’s Hospital. Jordan’s mother, Esther Gonzalez, says that the bond the two mothers now share is unbreakable.

“It’s hard to describe… that she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she’s going through her grief,” said Esther Gonzalez.
“We’re family now, we’re friends now, our families are families, we’ve brought our families together,” says Gonzalez.

After tragically losing her 7 month old son, Heather Clark knew she could make a difference for other parents with sick children by donating his organs. Watch as she gets to hear her son’s heart beat in the chest of a 4 year old girl who is healthy thanks to her selflessness.