Tips for Summer Fun in the Sun Games……

Summer is about being outside right?  Let’s get the kids (and maybe us grown-ups too) away from the addicting electronics and bring the family back together again!

Remember a time when the weather was warm and the whole family would go outside and play croquet or badminton? Well, it’s time to bring those days back again. Weather it’s new games or the old classics, one thing is for sure, we will all have a great time and create long lasting amazing memories! The Radio Flyer!! and The NEW SOLAR GALAXY RECON Ball Launcher by KOOSH  are MUSTS!!!

Started in 1917 and a family favorite, celebrating their 95th anniversary build your own wagon!






1. Make sure that you select age appropriate activities/games. Consider the youngest and the oldest and luckily, there are plenty of games for both to play together. Check out

2. Make sure you set up in a shaded area so you last more then 5 minutes. Also, have plenty of water/lemonade to help keep cool and hydrated.

3. Have some variety on hand to keep things exciting for the kids. God knows the attention span these days is super short.  Here are a few  FAVS!!! Little Tikes Home and Garden PlayhouseCANZ & SPINNERZBean Bag TossBadminton set and Little Tikes Bouncy House.

4. Slow down! Make it fun and set the rules early so everyone is on the same page BEFORE you begin, then take your time and really enjoy yourselves!

5. DO play yourself! Don’t just leave the games to the kids. Kids LOVE for parents to show their fun sides so take advantage and jump in there for real FAMILY fun!! (it’s also good for the romance department Moms and Dads!!)

Now put on your sunscreen, sneakers, shorts and big smile and go play!!!


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