Turkey Cupcakes and Treats

Turkey Cupcakes

(Family Features) – Sometimes, it’s the little turkeys – not the centerpiece feast – that can be tough to manage during Thanksgiving. By giving your younger guests something to do while the main course is being prepared, they will stay busy and feel like they have a role in the big day. Switch up the typical pumpkin pie dessert and capture their attention by helping them exercise their imagination with these Turkey Cupcakes.

Using Betty Crocker SuperMoist Devil’s Food cake mix as the base, it’s easy to bake and prepare these cupcakes the day prior to the holiday. Then, on Thanksgiving, guests young and old can customize their turkey cupcakes with candy corn and frosting as feathers, feet and the beak. After the cupcakes are decorated and ready to be enjoyed, encourage each child to make a hand turkey by tracing the outside of their hand onto a sheet of construction paper and writing one thing they are grateful for on every finger of the outline. Decorate with feathers, wiggly eyes and crayons. With these hand tracings serving as table decorations, ask each child to read aloud the list of things they are grateful for during dinner. For more ideas, visit www.bettycrocker.com.

Turkey Cupcakes

Photography by Jason Wyche
Photography by Jason Wyche


  • 1 box Betty Crocker SuperMoist Devil’s Food cake mix
  • Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
  • 2 containers (1 pound each) Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy milk chocolate frosting
  • 1 tube (4.25 ounces) Betty Crocker white decorating icing
  • 1 tube (0.68 ounces) Betty Crocker brown decorating gel
  • Candy corn
  • Chocolate candy sprinkles


  1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans). Make and cool cake as directed on box for 24 cupcakes.
  2. Frost cupcakes with frosting. Place remaining frosting in corner of resealable freezer plastic bag. Snip off small corner of bag.
  3. To decorate each cupcake, pipe 1-inch mound of frosting on 1 side of cupcake to look like head of turkey. Make eyes with white decorating icing and brown decorating gel; add candy corn for beak. To make feathers, pipe frosting on opposite side to hold candy corn; place candy corn upright on frosting to look like feathers. Sprinkle chocolate candy sprinkles near head and at base of feathers. If desired, add candy corn at base of cupcake for feet. Store loosely covered.

Serves Makes 24 cupcakes Notes, Tips & Suggestions High Altitude (3,500-6,500 ft): Follow high-altitude directions on cake mix box. Preparation Time: 30 min. Total Time: 1 hour 45 min. SOURCE: Betty Crocker

Dress Up Your Holiday Buffet

With a Sliced Turkey Wreath Holiday Turkey Wreath (Family Features) – Nothing says “It’s the holidays” more than a decorative evergreen wreath and bow. Now it’s possible to bring this same look to a holiday brunch or buffet table with this sliced turkey and cucumber wreath. Whether entertaining for six or 60, the Sliced Turkey Wreath provides a festive feel and is easy to make. Using a large boule or any other round bread, halve and cut out the center. Arrange slices of Boar’s Head Ovengold Roast Breast of Turkey and cucumber ribbons as shown. Garnish with sprigs of rosemary, skewers of fresh cranberries and sprinkle with diced roasted red peppers. Each wreath makes about six to eight servings. For more entertaining recipes and ideas visit www.boarshead.com. Ingredients

  • 1 large cucumber, ends cut off
  • 1 large round loaf crusty bread
  • 1 medium log Boar’s Head Goat Cheese (Chevre)
  • 1/2pound Boar’s Head Ovengold Roast Breast of Turkey, sliced thin
  • 2 roasted peppers, cut into a small dice
  • 2 to 3 small sprigs rosemary


  1. Make the cucumber ribbons. Cut thin strips of cucumber lengthwise with a vegetable peeler, making sure there is a line of green peel on both sides. Cut until you reach the seeds and then turn, repeating the cutting. Set aside.
  2. Cut the bread by placing it on its side and pointing the knife at about an inch off the bottom. (Use the top of the bread for another recipe.) Use a sharp knife to cut out a hole in the center of the bread (like a big doughnut) and discard. Spread the goat cheese around the loaf. At the bottom of the wreath, place two cucumber ribbons in an upside down V and make a V-slit in the bottom of the cucumber as pictured.
  3. Twist and curl each slice of turkey and place around the wreath. Place a few cucumber ribbons around the wreath as seen in the picture and gather cucumber ribbons at the top center, placing over the turkey. Stick fresh cranberries onto toothpicks and insert at the top of the wreath. Add fresh sprigs of rosemary. Sprinkle overall with the roasted peppers.

SOURCE: Boars Head


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