If you are the parent of twins – and these day, who isn’t? Seriously, does everyone have twins these days or am I just seeing double? When you have twins, any product that can make your life easier is a welcome relief from strollers to carriers. Here are some of our picks for the cutest, most helpful and most stylish items to get you through the first days, months and years! If you don’t have twins but know someone who does, these make great gifts as  well!

In the stroller department, nothing beats the Valco baby Tri-Mode Twin Stroller: this thing is seriously a Mercedes Benz on three wheels. Besides the posh look, there are many things to love about this stroller.  Like the fact that although it’s side to side seating, it fits comfortably through the doors of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It comes equipped with an adjustable handle, five point harnesses, the seats can recline so you can use it with the youngest of infants. You’ll also get flip out sun shades, so much storage you’d think you had closets, and a zipper airflow system to allow airflow through the entire stroller. This baby is a winner! Valco Baby

When it comes to carriers, I’m loving my Weego Twin Carrier. It can be used in the first few months and gives you the possibility to carry both babies together on your front or back. This not only enables you to give both babies a lot of closeness and physical contact but also keeps you hand free for many situations (shopping, going for walks, hitting the bar scene). The thing I especially love is that the Weego Twin can be used from birth on – starting at a weight of the babies of 3 lbs (1.600g) each. Since mine were born at 2 pounds and 4 pounds this was the only carrier that I could even try in the beginning and I love it. It has a double pouch which ensures the orthopedically correct posture of your babies. It easily adjusts for growing babies and you can adjust it to fit anyone using it so your husband has no excuse! Weego

A big problem with twins is when they both want to eat at the same time. This is where a product like the Bebe Bottle Sling can be a real life saver. I’ve never understood the concept of propping a bottle in a babies crib but it sounds bad right? Well this is totally different. You hang the little sling from the infant carrier and this suspends it in a position that makes it almost like you are holding it for your baby! You can check it out yourself at bottlesling.

Speaking of bottles, Lilybugs makes bottle cozies so your little one can grab a pair of bunny ears while they slurp away. Bottle feeding has never been easier or cuter. Lilybugs

Breast feeders take heart; there is finally a cute way to give yourself privacy when you need to whip out a boob in public. With the Peanut Shell Nursing Cover you can relax and your baby can feel at ease while they snack. Now you can breast feed anytime or anywhere! Plus, they are very cute and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. I, personally, like the black and white polka dots! The Peanut Shell .

So now you’re carrying supplies for two babies and it’s much too much for your regular sized diaper bag. Luckily Skip Hop makes an ultra cool, ultra hip double durable baby bag. It comes in cool colors like bubble gum pink, all purpose black and many more. There are so many pockets in this thing that you may not see your keys for a month but you will never be lacking in supplies. Check them out at  Skip Hop.

As far as conventional bags go, The Essential makes a great all purpose tote perfect for taking out a baby or taking off on a plane. It has endless pockets outside and in plus it’s hugely roomy. Seriously, you could fit a change of clothes for you and four of your closest friends. It’s perfect for a walk in the park or a trip across country. This bag is with me wherever I go.

Ever go to a restaurant or the mall and find there’s nowhere to change your baby’s diaper? Or if you do find a changing table it’s kind of gross? Well, Munchkin has a solution for us. They make a handy dandy diaper changing travel kit. It folds up as flat as a book but when you open it, it contains everything you need to keep your baby clean and dry. There’s a place for wipes and even a little pillow for babies head. I never leave the house without it.

After changing baby’s behind, you’re going to want to use only the best products on their sweet little skin right? Otopia has an amazing line of products that will make your baby feel like they’re having a day at the spa. I’m fond of the OH-BABY calming massage oil with its soothing lavender scent and also the BOT-BALM barrier cream is perfect for preventing diaper rash.

Okay, this next one isn’t totally a twin product but I do own two of them because they’re so useful. It’s the tiny hiney bigs. My older daughter is especially vulnerable to sporting the plumbers crack and it’s practically gotten her thrown out of preschool. Then I discovered this alternative to belts or suspenders which sneakily attaches your babies pants to their shirt using a magnet and little clip. Pretty clever! Now I have one for each child! Tiny Bigs.

Anytime you’re out and about, a great thing to have along are Binky Beads. They are a fun way to tether your babies pacifier or toys to their clothes or stroller. The unique wooden beans look make them look like a fashion accessory instead of a baby item! Each tether is hand made by the owner, Stacey Morgan. Go to Binky Beads .

So you have twins and you’re dying to dress them alike but you don’t want to be corny right? Here’s a product line I love: Baby Gags. Your babies get to make a fashion statement in onsies that feature fun, hip slogans like “Boob Man” “I Suck Therefore I Am” and little hats that say Gorgeous. Plus, they have a whole line of products that promote activism and donate part of their proceeds to charity. But I mostly like ‘em cause they’re funny. Baby Gags .

Speaking of fashion, want to keep your babies tooties warm and cozy in the winter time? Stonz makes the most insanely cute booties for outdoor wear. You can protect your little one from the elements with actual footwear meant for babies. These snuggly boots are lined inside for warmth and  made water resistant on the outside. They come in  size 0- 3 years.  Hurry and go to Stonz for more information.

Good luck twinsies parents! It’s tough but we’ll get through it with a little help from our products!


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